Why is Alan running for Lowell City Council and why you should or shouldn't care.

My name is Alan Teelander, I am married to the finest woman on earth and have lived with her in this fair city of Lowell for 28 years and in Michigan all my life.

My three children all attended and graduated from Lowell schools.

I worked at Amway for 21 years, the first eleven as a set-up mechanic and then as a supervisor.

I also worked at a couple other West Michigan companies as a Distribution Manager.

I currently have several websites that I direct as owner.

One is ImagesofMichigan.com and if you go there, you will see articles on Michigan's history and stories and pictures from "Old Lowell".

Another is FadedFootsteps.com which is a site designed to allow veterans to tell their stories and make sure that their service is never forgotten.

My goals as a City Council member would be to bring openness, honesty and common sense back to the City of Lowell.

My biggest fear here in our city is citizen apathy.

People placed in authority can and have proven that they will take advantage of an apathetic community.

Wasteful spending, hidden agendas and liberties are quietly happening here.

Our City Manager and Mayor violated City Charter and a State Judge chastised the Manager for bullying tactics and State Rules violations and has never been held accountable for his infractions because his three council minions follow blindly.

There are three current City Council members who "always vote in unison without discussion".

There are "workshops" that are not recorded or documented where the City Manager pushes his agenda and defends his shell games.

And now the powers that be in Lowell have given away a historic piece of our city, without bids or discussion and end around it by not actually selling it!

This is no way to run a community.

You can explore more about me at this LowellCityHall.com website as I have laid out my opinions so much, and so well that the current City administration seems to really dislike me even though they tell me they never read my articles.

It is like Harry Truman said, "I don't give them Hell, I tell them the truth and they think it's Hell!"


Why do we citizens accept a Mayor who threatens to forcefully remove citizens from a Council Meeting?

Why do we citizens accept a City Manager who gives himself an $18,000 a year raise and turn down city employee raises.

Why do we citizens accept a City Manager who illegally discriminates against a Union brought about by his own bully pulpit?

Why do we citizens accept the way three Council Members vote in unison like puppets with the City Manager pulling their strings?

Why do we citizens accept a City Manager who spends several Hundreds of Thousands of City Capitol dollars to fight a union movement that he started?

Why do we citizens accept a City Manager who plays shell games with city capital to make himself look god at the expense of city workers safety?

Why do we citizens accept a LL&P manager who wastes over $200,000 to refurbish machines that he was paid to know that these machines would never meet federal standards after they were refurbished? These machines are now decommissioned and never did run again.

Why do we citizens accept a LL&P manager  who then brings in a biodigester that emits a hydrogen sulfide product will eat the digester up in 10 years all while bringing into the city truckloads of what he is trying to sell us?


I don't attend all of the Council meetings because I have a hard time attending meetings that are dominated by the City Manager and his three minions who vote in unison.

Attending current City Council meetings is truly an exersize in frustration for any citizen as the lies, bullying and cover-ups are unstoppable.

The Mayor and Manager brings in the City attorney (Paying him with yours and my moneys to attend, defend and cover up) their agenda.

I have a hard time attending meetings where the Mayor smiles as he disrespects his fellow council members and citizens.

I will attend all council meetings if elected changes need to be made and made quickly when the new council convenes after the election.

I do not believe any of the current council members attended all of the council meetings before they were elected.