Section 3.1(b) The City and its officers shall have power to do any act to advance the interest, good government, and prosperity of the City and its inhabitants, [and] to protect the public peace and general welfare .


Section 4.2(a) The City Manager shall be responsible to and serve at the pleasure of the Council


Section 5.2(b) The Mayor shall preside at Council meetings [and] shall be a conservator of the peace


Section 5.4 [T]he Council shall provide for the public peace and health and safety of persons and property, investigate municipal affairs and, when it deems necessary, any office or department of the City.


Section 5.6 The Council shall see that provision is made for the public peace


Section 7.1(a) The City Manager shall serve at the pleasure of, and be subject to removal by the Council


Section 7.2 The City Manager shall perform the duties of his office under the authority of and be accountable to the Council. It shall be the duty of the City Manager to: (a) see that all laws and ordinances are enforced


Section 7.7(g) City Charter, the Council upon its own initiative may retain special legal counsel to handle any matter in which the city has an interest.


Blacks Law Dictionary defines serving at the pleasure of or pleasure appointment as The assignment of someone to employment that can be taken away at any time, with no requirement for notice or a hearing.