The Three Stooges

At the recent Biodigester dedication, didn't it look like the city managers were tossing "at us" what they were trying to sell to us?

Wouldn't this act have played better in a Three Stooges Show?

Two fingers to the eyes and slap to the side of the head, a cow-pie in the face and a nyuk-nyuk-whoop-whoop?

If the Biodigester was sold to us as having no expenditures and that SPART would cover all and the contract that didn't exist until it did exist, who are we to question them?

Then why has the LL&P Board asked the City Council for permission to purchase a truck to haul the manure they are throwing at us?

After the City Council turned them down on the request, Why has the board gone rogue and started the purchase process without approval?

Does the purchase, ownership and running of the truck set the City up for litigation if there was an accident with the LL&P owned truck?

Is another expenditure needed to insure this process in the event of an accident?

Was this all in the Lease agreement contract that didn't exist until it did exist?

Again, what else are they hiding from the citizens and the customers of the LL&P?

How are the new Generators coming along?

Are they ready to run if we need them in an emergency?

Why haven't we heard about the progress, capabilities and performance of these power-plants?

Is it true that one of them is still in pieces?

Is it true that the one that is put together still cannot be run?

Isn't it about time they came clean about this debacle?

Is the LL&P Board and management playing the old three-cup-switch-a-roo game and asking us to guess which cup is the right on?

I don't feel deceived (wink), do you?

Has the DEQ authorized the running of the waste pipe from Litehouse over Lee's Creek, past the school and to the Chatham Street Facility?

Is there a plan in place in the event of the pipeline having a problem with leaking near the school and over Lee's Creek?

I hear someone is driving a LL&P owned truck home at night. Is this the proper use of a City Owned Vehicle?

I understand that someone hit a buried power cable near the new BP Station and it was reported to the manager and board member Canfield and they both said it was of no importance. What about liability o lawsuits when someone gets hurt or killed - Is this the kind of leadership our City Needs or wants?

The City Streets are falling apart and minimal capital (around $4,000) is now allotted to repair them. Why was the $100,000 that was in the city budget for road maintenance 4 years ago (before the current City Manager was hired) removed shortly after the new City Manager was hired?

The City Manager got his raise because he stated that the City finances were in good shape. Was the $100,000 budgeted for the roads diverted to make him look good so he could get his raise?

If you consider the $100,000 having been diverted for the past 4 years and the City Manager spent over $100,000 on a Novi attorney to fight the City Workers, wouldn't that $500,000 have helped in repairing our streets?

Isn't that just plain stupid management on his part?

What kind of special assessments or tax increases will now be required of the City Residents to get our city streets repaired?

Why isn't the Mayor and City Council asking these questions of him?

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Where does the City of Lowell go from here?

Here’s to the crazy ones.

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