So the LL&P manager wants to purchase the St. Mary's Catholic School building and place its offices in that building.

I haven't heard of any questions on the part of the City Council on if this is a good thing for the customers of the LL&P who are the actual owners of this entity.

It is the job of the Council to oversee and approve or disapprove of spending by the LL&P.

Very high capital expenditures are what this manager does.

He acts like he has a blank check to spend and spend without any thought of being fiscally responsible.

The manager of LL&P has proven over and over that he cannot act responsibly when it comes to spending LL&P capital.

He wasted well over $200,000 on refurbishing two diesel generators that had to be decommissioned right after the refurbishing.

He fudges the policies of LL&P to fit his agenda and the LL&P board lets him do it.

He lied about not having to spend LL&P capital on a biodigester only to turn around and finance an old truck to haul what he is selling us to fuel the digester.

He also took the burden of trucking waste away from Litehouse and placed it on the backs of the LL&P customers.

Our City Manager refinanced the city debt for the current City Hall Building and automatically received a raise for pushing the payments down the road for another 15 or 20 years while reducing the payment.

He stated that he had balanced the budget while he hid the reality of our dire economic situation under his shell game.


This means we will be paying much more in interest over the life of the loan(s) but short term, our budget looks a little better.

The move by the City Manager set our city up for a longer noose that stretches our necks for a longer time as this debt chokes the life out of our city.

Since this noose is also tied to our city, we cannot get away from it for this duration as it closes doors to paying it off any time soon.

The LL&P should be required to (rent) offices in the City Hall building instead of placing more debt onto the city's LL&P customers.

However, the LL&P board has no governing body since the City Council continues to sleep when they should be doing their duty of overseeing what the LL&P does and how they operate.

Since the LL&P board follows their manager like lemmings and the City Council follows their manager like lemmings, there is a cliff just ahead that they and the citizens of Lowell are all going to fall over.

This "lemming cliff jumping" is going to take the citizens of Lowell and the LL&P customers over this economic cliff.

We may never land as the noose that the City Manager attached to us all pulls us all over that cliff may ties us to receivership as we head for bankruptcy due to shell games and foolish spending.

Lowell Lemmings at the cliff


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